ESP - Operation and Maintaince

TECHNIMENT undergo all type of ESP - Operation and maintenance,ESP must be operated and maintained according to the manufacturer's recommendations. Information on ESP operation, performance monitoring and recommended rapper cycle times  Routine maintenance of an ESP is very simple. The only maintenance requirement is the periodic lubrication of external equipment on an ESP, as set forth in the maintenance manual, are drive elements of collecting and emitting rapping systems. These may be motors, gear reducers, vibrators, air valves and cylinders, chain drives or similar mechanical equipment. Hence, most so-called maintenance work is really the thorough inspection of components to ascertain that they are functioning properly. TECHNIMENT have trained O & M personnel to deploy on contract basis to customers  

ESP - Erection and Commissioning

TECHNIMENT will do erection,Operation and Maintenance of Electrostatic Precipitators ,An ESP works because of electrostatic attraction (like charges repel; unlike charges attract). An ESP uses a high voltage electrostatic field to separate dust, fume or mist from a gas stream. The precipitator consists of vertical parallel plates (collecting plates/electrodes) forming gas passages 12 to 16 in. (30.5 to 40.6 cm) apart. Discharge electrodes are electrically isolated from the plates and suspended in rows between the gas passages. Every particle either has or can be given a charge - positive or negative. A high voltage system provides power to the discharge electrode to generate an electrical field. The particulate, entrained in the gas, is charged while passing through the electrical field. The particulate is then attracted to the grounded collector plate, and forms a dust layer on the plate. Periodic rapping separates the accumulated dust layer from both the collector plates and discharge electrodes (in case of wet ESP by spraying it with a liquid). The dust layer released by the rapping collects in hoppers and is removed by material / ash handling system. At many places in this article, ash is used instead of particulate matter since major application of an ESP is for ash collection.  

ESP - Shutdown work

 TECHNIMENT in the years of exposure in diverse industries with different types of precipitators, and regular shutdown  jobs on these equipments, have prepared pursue upgrading and improvement projects on electrostatic precipitator. The complete replacement of discharge electrode and collecting electrode as per requirement of clients,the upcoming projects that became more challenging as years pass by. Whether it is a total automatic voltage controller system upgrade, adding of another field to increase efficiency, or changing mechanical parts to improve reliability, TECHNIEMNT credits our customers who have trusted, supported and worked with us in accomplishing all of these projects.

Power Plant and Solar Plant - Consultancy

Consultancy for EPC projects

TECHNIMENT having highly experienced power and solar sector professionals. Renewable, Distribution, Supply, Plant / System Operation & Maintenance, Project Management, Costing, Regulatory & Legal Framework, Contracts & Procurement, Risks assessment & mitigation measures, Cost Benefit Analysis etc. TECHNIMENT involved in the construction management of many of the India’s prominent and successful energy infrastructure projects. The team provides project construction supervision services, estimating, cost planning, advisory and value adding services. Company has successfully provided consultancy services for setting up new plant, The scope involved was to support the client right from concept to commissioning of the project. 

Technical Manpower Deployment on Contract basis

TECHNIMENT supply for industry in specialized technical staff to provide ,In a market where there is a serious shortage of skilled professionals,it is our aim to bridge the gap between the individual engineers who work for themselves and large consulting firms that only take on work. TECHNIMENT Consulting has established professional working relationships with other independent engineers, small consulting firms and companies so that a tailor made team can be provided per project without the additional overhead costs of a large consulting

Material and Equipment outsourcing for Power Plant

TECHNIMENT also undertake execution Power plant which include the supply, erection and commissioning of the boiler, turbine and BTG package along with the engineering, design, supply and commissioning of other equipment and services.
We either collaborate or outsource the BTG packages in relation to our EPC contracts, providing guaranteed performance, fixed cost and time bounded execution.   

Third Party Inspection

Material Inspection

TECHNIMENT have specialized teams of experts to provide you with specialized business solutions to make your business faster, simpler and more efficient. We partner with you to offer independent services that will help you reduce risk, streamline your processes and operate in a more sustainable manner our comprehensive range of nation-leading inspection and verification services, such as checking the condition and weight of traded goods at transshipment, help you to control quantity and quality, and meet all relevant regulatory requirements across different regions and markets  

Third-party Inspection QAQC NDT Welding

TECHNIMENT is a Integrated Third Party Inspection team represents interest of client throughout the project and our service ensures right & cost effective solutions for the project requirements. We are providing the services by our experienced certified inspectors to carry out QA QC inspection and Plant inspectors qualified with our scope below to our esteemed client with excellent customer satisfaction.    

Project Progress and Risk Management - Assessment

TECHNIMENT evaluation Analyzes Assesses site progress in any power plant and will explores unintended results, Provides lessons, highlights significant accomplishments or program potential and offers recommendations for improvement in area and scheme wise Evaluation looks at the relevance, effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability of an intervention. It will provide evidence of why targets and outcomes are or are not being achieved and addresses issues of causality. For Site members, will provide is an opportunity to influence the design and execution of community development projects. Furthermore, by providing feedback on powerful accountability mechanism in risk Management