Electrostatic precipitator spares

Structural components

  1. Foundation Bolts
  2. Columns
  3. Casing Panel
  4. Inlet & Outlet Cone Panel
  5. GD Screen (Gas Distribution)
  6. Expansion Joints
  7. Gratings

Collecting and Emitting Electrode

  1. Collecting Electrode
  2. Emitting Electrode [Spike, Spiral & Regid Type]
  3. Shock Bar and Pad

ESP Rotary Motors

  1. Collecting Emitting Geared Motor
  2. Rapping Controller and Programmer
  3. Migi Rapping Coil

Doors and Interlocks

  1. Access Door
  2. Inspection Door
  3.  Key Interlocking System

Transformer and Level Switches

  1. Transformer Rectifier
  2. Hopper Level Switch
  3. Insulator Housing

Structural components

1. Foundation Bolts

We Provide a Wide Range of High Efficiency Foundations Bolts for Various Support Structures like Boilers column, ESP columns, for all towers and rotary equipment's for various industries as per your specification and grade  

2. Columns

We execute fabrication requirements for high efficiency Boiler and ESP columns for effective in various industries. It is strongly designed to deliver desired results in all industry. We offer structural columns for any industries at any capacity as per their specification 

3 & 4 . Casing Panel and Cones

We provide ESP casing panel fabrication Services as per client specification. We provide these services and products in accordance to the varied requirements of the clients. We provide these services to the clients in an efficient and prompt manner. Highly admired amongst clients for their on-timely completion, reliability, flexibility, timely execution and client-centric approach, 

5.GD Screen (Gas Distribution)

  We offered ESP GD screen is widely used for the gas distribution in the gas distribution devices and equipment. Our supplied gas distribution screen facilitates the gas passage and distribution. The offered screens ensure a uniform distribution pattern of gas passage, throughout the esp in all section.  

6.Expansion Joints

We will provide expansion joints as per client requirement, It can be used in inlet and outlet cone of ESP , while using this expansion joints can avoid cracks in movement.


Grating are made with galvanized steel for their staircase steps, casing platform, and roof platforms  and also various industries  

Collecting and Emitting Electrode

1.Collecting Electrode

We provide various collection of ESP Collecting Electrodes. Our electrodes are designed in such a shape that these provide quiescent zones, preventing collected dust from being en trained by the gas stream. These products guarantee gas distribution with minimum expenditure on material and low pressure loss

2.Emitting Electrode [Spike, Spiral & Rigid Type]

TECHNIMENT is a  traders and exporters of a broad array of ESP Emitting Electrodes. Our electrodes are designed in such a shape Spike, Spiral & Rigid Type and that these provide quiescent zones, emitting the dust from being en trained by the gas stream. These products guarantee gas distribution with minimum expenditure on material and low pressure loss

Shock Bar and Pad

We can supply and erect ESP shock bar as per client requirement and specification as per industry standard and pitches requirement

ESP Rotary Motors

1.Collecting Emitting Geared Motor

ESP rapping system provided for collecting electrode hammering with Geared motor, In horizontal shaft with help of inner and outer arm, hammers bolted and final mechanically coupled with this geared motor   

2.Rapping Controller and Programmer

ESP rapping control panel and programmer, its controlling unit to program sequence rapping mechanism based on client requirement and efficiency of field  

3.Migi Rapping Coil

Migi rapper coil is mostly using THERMAX ESP, its electromagnetic type rapper coil, which will hamper sequentially in both collecting and emitting system, we will supply based on client requirement

Doors and Interlocks

1.Access Door

ESP access doors are made with special raw materials with quality knock , It will manufacture based on client requirement

2.Inspection Doors

Esp inspection door are made with special materials and erected where ever required in casing wall, hoppers, for rapping mechanism in collecting and emitting electrode  section

3.Key Interlocking System

ESP takes A.C. power from the facility, boosts the voltage and rectifies it to produce D.C. This is used to charge the plates. The plates' potential can be in excess of 50,000 volts. For this reason, access must be restricted until safe. The power must be locked off and the plates grounded to remove residual charges. To avoid unauthorized entry into esp, this interlock system will use more to avoid dangerous   

Transformer and Level Switches

Transformer Rectifier

Rectifier provided by our manufacturer shall be of a heavy duty industrial grade design, suitable for use in a power plant or esp operating environment. The transformer-rectifier set shall conform to the best modern practice in design and construction. Rectifiers  

2.Hopper Level Switches

To maintain ash level in hopper, we are using level switches and probe by controlling automatic Dry material (powders) level switches are used to measure levels of dry, solid materials via an electrical switching action. Dry material level switches are used to detect the level of dry materials along process lines .

3.ESP Insulator Housing

Esp insulation is fabricated item which will protect anode and cathode protection with insulator in top of ESP suspension system